It can be difficult to calculate the amount of fuel needed on your adventure. Whether you are by yourself or with others, how many days you will be away, what stove you have, whether you are going to cook or only boil water for freeze-dried food and hot drinks will all determine how much gas you need to pack.

To help, we have made a table based on what one person with one stove who only boils water for an average amount of freeze-dried food and drink consumes in fuel. For winter consumption, we have included the melting of snow.

Use the table as a guideline for your own adventure, but remember that consumption may vary depending on the wind, temperature, number of people and type of food. To keep consumption as low as possible, make sure you sit in a location sheltered from the wind or use a windscreen around the stove. Pans with heat exchangers also help to increase fuel efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Which in turn also means less pack weight and volume as well as lower carbon dioxide emissions.

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