A simple lightweight, anodized aluminum all-in-one pot and pan set made to feed the family and friends on outdoor adventures.

The Essential Pot Set is a unique multi-person dual pot set and pan combination for the backpacking family. These pots make the most of their size, but nest into each other for easy packing. Add the pot gripper and almost any stove (not included) and you have a backcountry kit that feeds a group and that can slide into a backpack. This pot and pan combination is created for delivering simple backpacking meals.

The pots are made of lightweight anodized aluminum which conducts heat well. Two pots allow for multi-pot cooking on two burners. A ceramic coated non-stick pan can fry up eggs to go with your morning oatmeal and coffee. Easily switch between handling the hot pots with the Pot Gripper.

When you are ready to break down camp, simply nest all of the pots, burners and stove accessories together and close with the pan lid. Slide into the storage bag for a clean, compact, and rattle-free camp kitchen.

Available in two sizes: Essential Pot Set 1.3L, feeds 1-3 while the Essential Pot Set 2.3L can feed 2-5 people.

  • Two 2.3 liter aluminum pots that are easy to pack
  • One frying pan with non-stick coating that also functions as a lid
  • Enough for 2-5 people
  • Comes with tongs
Article number P740300
Material Natural Anodised Aluminum, PTFE Coating
Diameter mm 221
Height mm 107
Volume L 2.3
Weight g 639